MAKEUP MADNESS - Craziest Sale of the Year!

A successful blogger meetup was held by Imtiaz Super Market at the Arena club. It was a focus group session in which all the makeup and elite class brands were discussed along with all the brands that a common man would love to use was also the part of the table talk session along with a news flash. The news flesh was created because we wanted everyone to get ready for a Makeup Madness Festival flat 50% OFF is Coming Soon in Stores.

The purpose was to know the mindset of the consumer and the influencer. When it comes to choosing makeup why don’t they select Imtiaz Super Market as the best place to choose and shop cosmetics? There was a complete discussion about the reasons and the criteria range along with the assortment. Then there was a rapid-fire to know whether they know the following brands or no. surprisingly half of them know 80% of the brand names but 20% was still unknown also Imtiaz Super Market has genuine products but people think its fake or replica. Before announcing th…

Brio’s – easy cooking oats – by Imtiaz Super Market!

Often heard about a healthy lifestyle? About Health and healthy eating? If no then you might start searching for it because a healthy lifestyle will keep you happy and alive from inside out, which will boost your energy and make you more active than ever before along with making you strong spiritually. A healthy lifestyle and to talk about this are such an important thing in our lives that we should never compromise on! People out there say and teach us a lot about food, recipes, but do they ever talk about healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle?

Food is a topic where we can never say it is over or done or complete! The range and products of food or healthy foods are so many that it is hard to choose from. Imtiaz Super Market is a retail chain of supermarkets that are working for the betterment of the nation, by providing a lot of stuff under one, roof side by side providing quality products at the best prices. The success of Imtiaz Super Market, and their compassion and devotion, th…

Most expensive makeup brands!

Makeup people say this is a waste of time and money but what a woman says and feels about makeup is entirely a different story.

In fact, a fun fact is that men usually like a woman who has makeup on because her features are prominent but when it comes to shopping for makeup they refuse and say you look good without any makeup…. That’s a cruel reality we have faced somewhere somehow….

Appearances matters the most, even when you are a handicap, you do makeup to cover your flaws and you do makeup so that the attention can be diverted from one to another. Makeup can be a dream for some and a plaything to be around. Makeup makes you feel alive and young as it is used to enhance your features, and hide your wrinkles. For applying makeup, you really need a good hand and a lot of practice for a flawless look. Makeup goes hand in hand because the one who loves to create and show creativity cannot live without it, some try to create looks that grab attention and some to inspire others. Enhancem…


The biggest online shopping fever of the year is around the corner and people are going crazy over the sale season, whether the sale is for one day or for a week everyone is looking for sale and discounts. Instagram pages are full of 11:11 sales. The craze of Gyara Gyara has begun and all the dealers, suppliers’, websites and the audience everyone has gone crazy with the massive 11:11 deals but it is even worth the hype?
There are so many other offline brands and companies that are offering and doing much more work than these online events which are not only cost-effective but include more branded and quality stuff. It still goes totally un-noticed because of obviously marketing strategies and the hype… Imtiaz Super Market is offering amazing discounts, bundles, and deals back to back. From “meat and treat” to “wedding shehniyan”, and is now offering “Biggest Electronics Gala” that has a lot to offer. (don’t forget to check out)
The branding and the marketing, voice-overs, and enterta…

What is dengue? Why does it happen? How to treat DENGUE!

Today we will have a brief about how the chain and cycle!
Mosquitoes… probably we all know about them and have already killed a lot of them with hand or the spray or what every mat racket we have and still believe that it is just a small mosquito, but in reality, it is a killer… it has killed and taken several lives already.
There are 35000+ species of mosquitoes around the world… and out of them, only female mosquitoes use to drink blood. That means when I say about the dengue mosquito it is a female one. This was one of the facts which I too didn’t know but thanks for the video: and after a bit research got to know…
You will find a lot of mosquitoes around trees plant and water… the mosquitoes that you are watching around the plant's tree grass are male ones and the one that bites you are female…. Because female mosquitoes lay eggs after drinking blood. Female mosquitoes leave a secretion that causes irritation to the skin. Fo…

A Hygienic and fresh assortment of FISH!

Fish, everyone loves to have fish specially in winters. Fish is easy to cook, an instant yet healthy thing to have. People refer to fish for diet purposes even as it is healthy and full of nutrition. Fish is considered a cheap source of protein diet.
Sea has a lot to offer us. Many kinds of Fishes are there, but not every fish is eatable.

Do you know shark fish is also eatable?

Yeah, you read it right, shark fish which is hard to catch and is expensive fish to have is eatable. Shark fish has a special part which is non-eatable, rest is just like an ordinary fish. Somewhere on the national geographic channel, there was this program in which they show unpredictable things that people eat and drink and are expensive. Being in a Muslim country I doubt that but then again, life and people are unpredictable. Ever heard of snake blood, people do drink snake blood to remain young. So, as they eat shark fish for some purpose.

Anyways, let’s read that in Pakistan what kinds of fishes are availa…

World Information Day! Trends of Shopping...

Remember the days when shopping required going till the market and searching in the aisles for hours alone? Those days are over!
Over the years, shopping trends have changed vastly and for the good! The retail industry has transformed and today instead of consumers having to adapt to a brand’s conditions, the retails try more and more to be efficient and adapt to consumer preferences while making their service more convenient for the customers. There was a time, before the trend of supermarkets and hypermarkets, when one had to visit each shop one by one, looking for a particular product at a particular shop assigned for it. Shopping was a chore that required lots of effort. However with time, with the popularity of supermarkets and hypermarkets, where one could find anything and everything and that too, in the widest assortment and at market prices, or lower, things changed!
From a chore, shopping turned into something that people started enjoying! These supermarkets not only became…


Word wedding sounds so cool, like a bed of roses and dreams of traveling and enjoying and fun and a movie that only has a happy ending.
Today I will be discussing a few wedding points or facts, some light that is important to shed on, that we really need to know.
First of all, if we think it is a bed of roses than let me fix it for you…. NO! it's not and yeah, a bed of roses for a beautiful stunning bride only and then it’s all a waste. Oh! don’t worry, waste is the petals of roses that were decorated.
Okay so wedding, that word is fascinating for so many people, on so many levels but hold on let’s discuss the things here in detail and then will debate on it, “a bed of roses or a pile of responsibilities?”
The wedding comes with a load of responsibilities that you need to understand with love, care, patience, and compromise.
Wedding; “Qabool hai” and she said; “yes”
It's not a day that just happens, it’s a life that goes on with the rest of your life. For a girl, she has to le…